nurturing the leaders

Read, write, and converse. Here, they love to learn, and learn to excel

A level most suitable for 5 to 6 years, this final step before primary school is one of the most crucial stages in a student’s life. This is where their curiosities find reasons, questions demand answers, and where their scribbling changes to a legible form of communication.

Kindergarten is the phase in pre-schooling where they begin recognizing more aspects of the world around them. Their communication has more purpose, and their emotional state is more tangible.

Our approach has always been one that requires our toddlers to use their senses fully when learning. We believe in natural learning, and play on their inquisitive minds by encouraging questions. The more they question their surroundings, the more eager they will be for finding answers.

Learning Objectives

Observing the world making meaning, adequate awareness of surrondings

Reading readiness program

Nurturing orators for tomorrow

Holistic & practical learning skills

conceptualise parts to whole

17+ years of experience in child care

Structured yet responsive and flexible daily, monthly schedule

Regular monitoring of health & hygiene

complete campus under CCTV surveillance with 40+ cams