Recognising & strengthening potentials

a panoromic view of curriculum

Nurturing the uniqueness in each child

In the changing world, where education is evolving every moment and so is learning, we at Elnino place the “Child is the Curriculum” adage in a fresh perspective. Every child is unique and has his/her own way of acquiring knowledge, attitudes, values and skills.

Elnino’s integrated curriculum is a thematic learning programme that builds on the child's existing knowledge through establishing a correlation with different domains of learning. It transports them to a higher level of thinking & provides them with a plethora of opportunities to be meaningfully engaged in tandem with their interests and intelligences. This gives the children multiple ways of expressing themselves.

Experiential learning with real life associations and scope to generalize learning, to be able to solve problems, make decisions, forge constructive and meaningful relationships, communicate effectively, etc. are some of the skills that children acquire, during their sojourn in the school.

Curriculum adapted at Elnino lays a critical foundation for academic success in years to come. This success is based not only on comprehension of concepts, but also on the adoption of good habits in a culture that values learning. We invite all prospective parents to schedule a tour, attend an information session, or contact any of our school administrators for more information about our program!

Elnino's Intergrated Methodology

A unique approach for play based activity oriented holistic learning

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