keeping children safe & happy

Providing homely care with love

A safe haven for children of ages up to 2 years, this homely amenity is specifically for a child’s well-being and their parent’s mental peace.

At Elnino, students are provided with toddler-friendly fun-filled activities that cater to their learning as well as their growth. They learn the importance of friendship, sharing, being responsible and considerate of others.

Studies have shown that kids aged up to 2 years of age wish to explore the world around them & providing them with an opportunity to interact with their peer group in a structured & professionally managed day care program makes it much easier for them to adjust to formal schooling. Their minds acclimatize to a schedule more and they begin learning the importance of time management faster than kids without the support of a day care.

Offering Holistic Care

The best combination of homeliness and fun time with peers

Quality Curriculum

School Readiness



Learning developmental life skills

Elnino Advantage

Care, health, safety, and recreation. Their needs and your concerns all taken care of in one place

17+ years of experience in child care

  • Structured yet responsive and flexible daily, monthly schedule

Regular monitoring of health & hygiene

complete campus under CCTV surveillance with 40+ cams