Bringing the pencil to paper& observing the world around

Where learning takes a tangible shape and form

A progressive leap for toddlers between 3 to 4 years, this activity-based level in their schooling focuses on language development, alphabet and numerical recognition, and communication. This can be called the first block of foundation upon which rests a child’s cognitive and emotional development.

They will understand the significance of team-building, and why caring is a natural development in building friendships. Their exposure to creativity and wonderment begins here, where they grow, learn, and laugh in a classroom as vibrant as they are.

This is the age where their tender minds are still developing, hence, this is also the age which retains memories for a long time to come.

Curriculum Philosophy

From toddlers to students

Overall Development

Beautiful Hand Writing

Learning Courteous Behaviour

Increased Inquisitiveness

17+ years of experience in child care

Structured yet responsive and flexible daily, monthly schedule

Regular monitoring of health & hygiene

complete campus under CCTV surveillance with 40+ cams