Getting children brainer & active

It is never too early for Hobbies, Talents, and Learning New Things

An ideal program for ages 3 years onwards, entirely dedicated to recognizing and honing your little one’s talents.

This is where your child can unwind and direct their energy into productive and fun-filled tasks that are aimed at nurturing through play. Their minds will get a work out at brain gym, their stamina will build through aerobics, and their emotions will find place in drama. The options are plentiful and the opportunities are endless.

Bring your toddler and we will ensure they leave us a child with a purpose and a recognized talent. At Elnino, they may find they can draw, solve mind-numbing riddles, dance, sing, are good at sports, or may have a secret penchant for acting!

Kids Activity Club Curriculum

Nuturing Creativity

Enriching experiences

Developing hobbies

Technical & oratory skills